Relax and unwind as you listen to a stupid man misunderstand how kids games work. Edited by @PelvicGaming, intro theme by @Xploshi, help from @DidYouKnowGamin, branding by @CrisppyBoat.

Whenever @Caddicarus meets his viewers in real life, a shocking amount of them tell him that his videos help them fall asleep. No, I don’t understand either. And so, here we are with the brand new Caddy Sleeps channel. Specifically designed and edited in a way to be as sleep-friendly as possible, the lovely @PelvicGaming has taken various segments from Caddicarus videos, cut them down to remove all the chaos, removed any silly sudden noises, kept the skits to a minimum and levelled all the audio to be balanced so you can fall asleep to it all as much as possible. Or you can study to them. Or you can relax to them. Whatever you chose to do, get ready for the ultimate British ASMR about video games. Or you could call them Caddicarus funny moments or Caddicarus out of context, except the context here is that you have to try and use these as background noise while you study or relax to.

Games in this Caddicarus compilation include Bear in the Big Blue House PS1 gameplay, Shark Tale PS2 gameplay from the Shark Tale Xbox Shark Tale game, LEGO Drone Racers gameplay from LEGO Drone Racers Gamecube and a couple of younger-oriented Jesus games mostly from the worst iPad games ever and worst iPhone games ever – yeah, I can’t believe there are educational games about religious games either. There’s Donald Duck Quack Attack PS1 also known as Donald Duck Goin Quackers PS1 with the surprisingly catchy Donald Duck Goin Quackers OST, and then even more surprisingly catchy Jungle Book Groove Party OST AKA Jungle Book Rhythm n Groove Soundtrack with I Wanna Be Like You Lou Bega footage. Teletubbies PS1 gameplay appears here from Play with the Teletubbies PS1, Toy Story Racer OST from the brilliant Toy Story Racer PS1 gameplay and then even MORE of the worst Disney games of all time with Aladdin PS1 soundtrack from Aladdin Nasira’s Revenge PS1. Bob The Builder PS1 pops up here going by the Bob the Builder theme song from the Bob the Builder original intro – Bob the Builder Can We Fix It PS1, and then more Disney PS1 games with Lion King Simba’s Mighty Adventure OST from Lion King PS1 gameplay, and then Fisher Price toys games like Fisher Price Rescue Rangers Molten Menace PS1 gameplay followed by the worst PS1 games name of all time with Disney’s Action Game featuring Hercules PS1 gameplay with the fantastic Hercules PS1 soundtrack. LEGO Island 2 gameplay appears from LEGO Island PS1 OST which by all accounts is much worse than LEGO Island 2 PC, then one of the worst PS1 games of all time with Easter Bunny’s Big Day PS1. Party Time with Winnie the Pooh PS1 shows up and then immediately Crash Bandicoot PS1 from the Crash Bandicoot Original OST and not Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy OST. Walt Disney World Magical Racing Tour OST shows up from Magical Racing Tour PS1 gameplay and then LEGO Rock Raiders PS1 gameplay shortly after, followed by The Incredibles PS2 gameplay that’s actually The Incredibles XBOX. Barbie Race and Ride PS1 appears just before Spyro the Dragon PS1 featuring the great Spyro the Dragon OST not from Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy OST, and then an odd point and click PS1 game anomoly with Disney’s Story Studio Mulan PS1 and then even MORE of a strange PS1 title with Barbie Explorer PS1 gameplay and then even MORE PlayStation strangeness with Shrek Treasure Hunt PS1 OST. Peter Pan Adventures in Neverland PS1 is here which is actually Peter Pan Return to Neverland PS1 – why it couldn’t just be Peter Pan PS1 OST I have no idea. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command PS1 gameplay is here and even Tweenies Game Time PS1 gameplay from Tweenies PS1, then more baby game nonsense with Thomas the Tank Engine PS1 game. Then we get great stuff with Toy Story 2 PS1 OST and then LEGO Alpha Team Gameboy Color stuff and then overrated PS1 games like Crash Bash OST from Crash Bash PS1 – I’m not personally looking for a Crash Bash Remake or Crash Bash Remaster any time soon. A Bug’s Life PS1 OST shows up from Bug’s Life PS1 gameplay and then 102 Dalmatians PS1 from 102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue and then Santa Claus Saves the Earth PS1. The Little Mermaid 2 PS1 is here alongside another sequel with Spyro 2 OST from Spyro 2 PS1 and not Spyro 2 Reignited, but then don’t worry about missing Rayman Junior PS1 AKA Rayman Brain Games PS1. Elmo’s Letter Adventure PS1 is here too. Jeez, man.

Videos from this Caddy compilation include The Horrifying World of PS1 Games for Babies, The Nightmare World of Dreamworks Games, The Pitiful World of Pixar Games, The Painful World of Lego Games, The Unholy World of Jesus Games, The Demonic World of Disney PS1 Games, The Horrible World of Kinect Games, The Depressing World of Bad Crash Bandicoot Games, The Legendary World of Spyro Games and The Illegal World of Crash Bandicoot Bootlegs.