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I’ve been posting many group games, on my channel, so a few teachers asked me to post-practice games, where right after the presentation we can let the student practice the words or sentences one by one or in pairs.
So I’ve decided to make this video.
Note that in my classes I don’t play games for words only, I do more effort in presentation ( lead-in part )
If you want to know how my students are able to learn the words so quickly and use them confidently in sentences or how I start my class or how I teach new words, you can watch my other video#256.
here is the link;

If you looking for GROUP Flashcards Games, Watch Video 286
here is the link:

Look in the opposite direction:
I was teaching singular and plural so when the teacher says ” book ” the kids will say ” books ” and look in the opposite direction. keep changing the direction and repeat the words.
if the kids looked in the same direction he/she is out.

Stick the card on the wall in a line so that all kids can see it.
Have them memorize and remember the position of the cards. Ask a student to look at the cards for a few seconds and then back the cards. The teacher then asks the question ” where is the cow? The students have to say the full sentence response and guess where the cow is? If he got it right, wins points if not still gets points for his try.

Next to:
My students were struggling to say the full sentence confidently and fluently ( ” Here it is, it is next to the barn ” ). so I have decided to use this activity. and want them to practice, I’ve helped those who needed help.
place the cards on the floor, and stick a barn on the wall/table.
Teacher: Where is the horse?
Student: (pick up a horse card, put it next to the barn, and say ) Here it is. it is next to the barn.

Cross the River:
Place as many cups on the floor, on the other side, but all of your cards you wanna review. Have the kids cross the river ( the cups are the crocodile they shouldn’t touch them) go get the card and use it in a sentence.

Hoops tunnel:
Get a few hoops and tie them to a string. Let the teachers ( or 2 students ) hold them, a student passes through it and get the first card from a pile and say it. ( note the time or just count to 10 so they will try hard to get to the other side.

Get a big box, and make holes in it. Have the kids say a sentence and throw a beanbag. If they get it, win points.

Rolling cups:
After you present the cards. Place them in front of the kids. Get as many cups and one small ping pong ball.
Let the kids take part one by one.
show the ball, then shuffle for a few seconds and place one cup near each card, the student needs to guess where the ball is by saying a full sentence.

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