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These fun yet engaging games encourage learning in a structured setting. Classes will be well managed while kids can practice the language and enjoy learning.

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I will briefly write these games

Game #11
(Blindfolded in the middle )
Kids passing a card or toy. When they hear a bell or music stops. He needs to ask everyone in a circle ” may I have a pizza/chicken etc ” please? and the kids need to answer accordingly.

Game #10
( Gorilla in the middle )
Kids walk around in a circle, Muxi Gorilla in the middle. when the music stops, they need to sit quickly. Muxi will hit a chair if there is no one on it. IF all the kids sat quickly then muxi will beat himself ( for fun)

Game #9
(Circle swap)
Teacher muxi in the middle having a card. Ask questions “Is this your pizza? when they say ” yes, it is. then quickly swap seats and muxi will try to grab a chair.

( Elephant Talk )
Print out 2 sets of picture words. distribute amongst kids.
One student as an elephant in the middle, spin around 5 times.
stop and ask every student a question. Is this your watch? or Do you have a watch?

Game #7
(Drop Down the bottle )
kids answer the question and drop down the bottle if it’s in a standing position.

Game #6
(Spin the bottle)
Spin the bottle if it points to you then answer a question.

Game #5
( Playing Card)
Print out many words related to a topic. Distribute randomly.
The teacher says a word, whoever is holding that word puts it on the floor.

Game # 4
( Angry gorilla )
Each student gets a card. Do you like milk? Muxi will find milk and before he tries to hit that student need to call out another word.

Game #3
(Circular sentence train)
Each student in a circle says a word to make a sentence.
Muxi: I
Jeff: like
Mike: apples

Game # 2
(Slide cards)
Pass a card to the next person and say it. Keep adding new words and make it faster gradually. In the end when everyone gets a card. they need to say it.

Game #1
Place cards in a circle. have the kids walk/jump/ hop around the cards in a circle. when the music stops. stand behind a card. the teacher then asks random questions.

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