Coding skills for every kid are a massive asset for the future. However, unlike in the past, it is easier to teach kids programming and computational thinking when introducing them to the right skills.

In this short video, as parent, you will be introduced to the best programming Apps and coding Apps for kids.

These coding applications are simple to use and will get kids to code even before they know to read. In addition, these coding games for kids make coding fun and imaginative.

Please never think of coding as just about technical skills, in practice, coding introduces young people to building logic and creative thinking.

When you install this app for your kids, they will be imbibe with skills like problem-solving, patience, creativity, and persistence through puzzles, riddles, coding games, and challenges.

1. Coding Safari –

2. Kodable –

3. Algorithm City –

4. Lego Boost

5. Coding Games for Kids –

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