Time for some laughter and colourful charm with the best games for kids to play right now.

While the title of this video says that they’re for kids, that absolutely doesn’t mean these aren’t great games for adults too. They just happen to be fantastic family friendly games. Whether you’re after co-op fun for everyone, nostalgic remasters you can reminisce over, or online games that you know are safe, there’s something for all the family.

So, here is our list of the best PC games for kids to play right now:

Intro 00:00
1 Phogs 00:54
2 Among Us 01:55
3 Planet Zoo 03:02
4 Spyro Reignited Trilogy 04:06
5 Kill It With Fire 05:09
6 Minecraft Dungeons 06:09
7 Worms Rumble 07:07
8 Moving Out 08:07
9 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 09:04
10 Biped 10:01
Outro 10:57

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