Boys kid games

We found the most engaging boys kid games on the Internet. Energetic and vibrant, they won’t leave your child indifferent, for sure!

Soccer Balls

What can be better for a young man than playing with a ball? This is a traditional activity that is always interesting, even if it’s an online version. It requires focus, precision, and a strategic mindset.

In Soccer Balls your controls are simple. A player moves with a mouse and jumps as you click. There are three lives that appear on top of the screen as three footballs. However, you may get additional ones during the game.

Soccer Balls

Draw Racing

Here is another dynamic entertainment for guys to play on their computers. This time it’s about cars, one more favorite male activity. There’s one car, one road, and one way to drive through. In order to move your vehicle, tap and drag the mouse button along the map.

Be careful to follow the road in the most precise way. Otherwise, you may end up crashing and getting the greatest explosion of all time. Which also could be an amusing event for some players.

What makes boys kid games special

It’s a particular type of online activity with mail themes. But it’s not just about cars and football. Here you get more dynamics and active moves. Besides, there’s often some kind of competition involved. It can help get better results since everybody wants to win and come first.


Now that you know what typical boys kid games are, it’s time to play. Open one of them in your browser and invite your child to have some fun. Enjoy the simplicity and the energetic vibes. Get ready for heart-pumping action in Smash Karts! Join the race now at