Sing and move during an adventure to find Freddy McFixerPants, the North Pole’s best elf at fixing toys. They toys are acting up and escaping the workshop, and Freddy is the only one who can fix it all. Can you find him along with Max McJingleBottom in this wonderful Christmas Brain Break? Its a great time during winter to just dance and move, inspired by the best of Go Noodles!

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Pineville, there lived a mischievous Elf on the Shelf named Freddy McFixerpants. Unlike other elves who stayed put and simply observed the children’s behavior, Freddy had a reputation for wandering off and causing all sorts of delightful chaos.

It was the week before Christmas, and the children of Pineville woke up each morning to find their toys rearranged, their breakfast cereal replaced with marshmallows, and their pets wearing tiny elf-sized hats. The town was buzzing with excitement, but as the days passed, Freddy’s pranks became more elaborate, and the townsfolk began to wonder where he might be hiding.

One day, the mayor of Pineville, a jolly woman named Mrs. Thompson, received a letter from Freddy himself. It read:

“Dear Pineville pals,

I’ve decided to take a grand adventure before Christmas Eve, and I challenge you to find me! Each day, I’ll leave a clue to my whereabouts. The first one to find me gets a special surprise.

Happy hunting!
Freddy McFixerpants”

The town erupted in excitement, and the hunt for Freddy McFixerpants began. Each morning, the children eagerly searched their homes for the mischievous elf, following the clever clues he left behind. The clues led them to the bakery, the toy store, and even the town’s Christmas tree.

As the search continued, families joined forces, forming hunting parties armed with magnifying glasses and toy swords. The local newspaper ran daily updates on Freddy’s latest pranks and provided hints for where he might be hiding next. The entire town came together in the spirit of adventure and fun.

One chilly morning, the clues led the children to the old Pineville Library. The children rushed inside, their eyes wide with anticipation. Freddy had left a note on the librarian’s desk that read, “To find me, you must know where the stories whisper and the imagination soars.”

The children thought hard, their minds racing with possibilities. Then, one bright-eyed girl named Emily had an idea. She led the group to the dusty corner of the library, where an ancient, leather-bound book sat neglected on a shelf.

As Emily reached for the book, a burst of glitter erupted from its pages, revealing Freddy McFixerpants nestled among the words. The children cheered with joy, and Freddy congratulated them on their excellent detective work.

To express his gratitude, Freddy organized a magical Christmas party for the entire town of Pineville. The festivities included a winter wonderland of snow made from enchanted sugar, dancing gingerbread men, and a spectacular light show that lit up the night sky.

As the clock struck midnight on Christmas Eve, Freddy McFixerpants bid farewell to Pineville, promising to return the next year for more adventures. The town, filled with laughter and joy, fell into a peaceful slumber, eagerly awaiting the next holiday season and the return of their mischievous friend.

0:08 Intro
0:44 Round 1 – Walking in the Woods
1:48 Round 2 – Jumping in the Woods
2:51 Round 3 – Stomping in the Woods
3:53 Round 4 – Hopping in the Woods
4:56 Save Freddy McFixerPants

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