Get Fiete Cars for free:

Fiete Cars is the craziest car-driving app for boys AND girls 5 years old and up. Build your own world of cars with lots of street components and special effects and use 40 vehicles, flying objects or animals to play on your own created car tracks in whichever way you like!

You are the master builder. You can build straight, curvy, dilapidated, bumpy or muddy roads.
Jump over obstacles using the whoopee cushion, crash-land on the speed ramp and use the ski jumps to do breathtaking somersaults into the swimming pool.

Get into a fast sports-car, an 18-wheeler truck or the unstoppable monster truck and imagine high-speed chases.
Drive the excavator with Grandma Lara, ride in an iconic antique with old Hansen, or in the chick pick-up with your Fiete friend Emma.
And if you’ll like only 1 PS – catch Dolly the horse and gallop through the parking garage you built.

With Fiete Cars you can invent stories, build customized parkour and decide whether you want to do high-speed stunts, adventurous chases or leisurely drives.

Fiete Cars is atribute to kids’ creativity!