In this educational puzzle game for kids from 3 to 6 learn about the universe and numbers. Get Fiete Puzzle on the App Store for free:

With seamingless camera moves, the child learns about the size of planets and galaxies in a single puzzle.

The game Fiete Puzzle lets children discover cute animated animals in beautiful picture book landscapes. Impressive camera tracking shots turn this puzzle into something special. The intuitive controls and large puzzle pieces are ideal for infants.

In the puzzle app, the children visit farm and zoo animals with their hero Fiete and discover fire brigade vehicles, building site vehicles and the hustle and bustle of the port, shop for groceries with Fiete in the supermarket, have a birthday party, relax at the campfire, and put Fiete and his friends to bed at the end of the day.

Infants, nursery children and preschoolers will not get enough of the lovingly illustrated puzzles. Inspired by classical lift-out puzzles, the educational game Fiete Puzzle is very easy to play.

The puzzle game playfully develops language skills, visual perception, and the ability to recognise shapes.

– Each puzzle is a big, beautiful picture book scene. – Impressive camera tracking shots literally draw children into the scenery of each puzzle game. – At each camera stop, there are missing puzzle pieces in the picture. – Puzzle pieces are displayed to the children in the upper right-hand corner of the playing field. The children must find out where the puzzle part fits in and shift it to the right place in the game with their fingers. – The final puzzle part is not just any puzzle part, but a very special one – its Sailor Fiete himself. – After the children have inserted the puzzle part into the right place with Fiete, the puzzle is finished and the children are rewarded with an animation. – After each puzzle game, the children can move through the puzzle and observe their complete work, before moving on to the next animated puzzle game. This is where the parents and children have time to think up little stories about the respective puzzle motif.

– 12 puzzles with beautiful motifs and exciting themes from the children´s world. No advertising for third-party products

Universe Numbers from 1 to 5 Numbers from 6 to 10 Farm Zoo Fire Brigade Supermarket Birthday Building site Port Campfire Good night

Beautifully handpainted watercolor illustrations Easy to use Fun with learning Gorgeous animations Great sound effects Clear, direct feedback system

Logical thinking, Attention, Concentration, Media literacy, Visual perception, Eye-hand coordination, Language development, Shape recognition, Cognitive skills