Fun kid games

We’ve collected some fun kid games for you to play or show to your child. You will find simple ones for younger players and more complicated examples for older kids. Read the article to find what you like the most!

Chu Choo Cake

It’s an arcade type of game with a simple interface and bright-colored design. A food-themed environment creates a pleasant atmosphere. However, you can’t relax while mice, your enemies, walk around.

The goal is to outmaneuver them and save the desserts. In order to achieve that you can drop them down. That happens after you step on the cake layers twice.

The main hero is a cute little pig. You control it by using arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move. Overall, there are ten levels, and each one gets a bit harder.

Chu Choo Cake

Baby Race Galaxy

What would a toddler do in a racing competition? Take part in that event! Here you move along the road with other racers and collect the stars. They will help you upgrade your car and customize particular features.

After that, you’ll be able to perform even better. Also, remember to control the car with your arrow keys and a space bar. Experience the thrill with Turbografx-16/PC engine emulator games at

How to play fun kid games

In order to start playing just pick the one you like and open it. Once the game is loaded, you’re good to go. There’s no special equipment required. You simply enter using your browser and press the Play button.


Fun kid games are the best thing for your children after long hours at school. Invite them to play and relax in your company or on their own. In any case, they’ll be grateful.