Some easy to get toys for Autistic kids
1.QUOKKA Sensory Toys for Autistic Children – Marble Maze Autism Game for Kids 5-7 ADHD Special Needs Items | ABA Therapy Materials

2. Speak & Spell Electronic Game , Spelling Games, Activity for Boys, Girls, Toddler, Ages 7+

3. Scientoy Fidget Toy Set, 35 Pcs Sensory Toy for ADD, OCD, Autistic Children, Adults, Anxiety Autism to Stress Relief

4. Autism Sensory Toy Craftstory 116 Pcs Social-Emotional-Learning-Activities for Kids – 6 Family Feelings-Board-Games, Age 3+

5. Ted Kangaroo Sensory Chair for Kids with Autism – Inflatable Chair Pod & Inflatable Therapeutic Peapod,

6. Monläurd® Crocodile Montessori Busy Board,Sensory Board, Learning Toy

Disorders care is a researched-based small group that is dedicated to providing the necessary information relating to disorders for parents and guardians of challenged kids so that not only they can timely identify the disorder but also so that they can take better care of their children.

While the type of adaptations used for a game will depend on the child’s individual needs and the game being played, some general guidelines may be applied to ensure a successful outcome in any social play situation.

It is wise to prepare the child as much as possible for what they will experience in a game.
The child should have a clear understanding of what they are being asked to do before beginning the game.
The child needs to have an opportunity to express any anxieties or ask questions (to the best of their ability) ahead of time.
The child should have opportunities for skill practice and understand the objective of the game before beginning gameplay with peers.