Garbage Monster Messy Makeover Videos games for Kids – Girls – Baby Android İOS Tabtale Free 2015

The smelliest monsters on the app store have finally arrived! Yikes! These Garbage Monsters need a messy makeover! Can you help them out?! Become the ultimate monster fan! Earn coins, collect monster cards and win awesome prizes!

Messy Monster Makeover
Meet the Garbage Monsters! The most adorable monsters ever! Oh no! Hairy Jerry, Polka Dot, Stench-It-All-Joel, and Slimy Sam need messy makeovers! Help these lovable monsters feel like themselves again when you give them messy makeovers with icky treatment tools! Make your own stinky stench and fix broken bones with the X-ray machine. You can even use the slime blaster to cover the monsters in green slime! EWWW! So gross, but so much fun!

Garbage Monster Album
Earn coins after each treatment and collect as many monster cards as you can! Create an awesome Garbage Monsters Album and take a photo with it! Collect all the cards for the complete Garbage Monsters Collection!