This is Hello Neighbor Act Finale or act 4 walkthrough video, you will learn how to beat this final mission. In this guide I will show you how to get umbrella in act 4, how to get candle and how to defeat the Shadowman.

Basically in the Hello Neighbor Act Finale all you have to do, reach the house which is in the back of neighbour. To get there first you have to kneel down the neighbor, first you need to ignite the rocket near the neighbor. To fire it you need a candle, which you can get by moving the train.

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The main objective of the game is get the umbrella, to get it first you need to turn on the roster by throwing some item on the switch. Once you do that roster will let you to the umbrella, Now you can glide to the tennis ball machine and archer area to kneel down the neighbor.

In the part 2 you have to save the child from the shadowman, to do that you need to follow the kid and stand in front of the kid once the kid sits. Every time you save the kid, you will be bigger in size or become taller. In last you will be taller than shadow man and the nightmare will end. And also the game will end.

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