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I Made My SUPERMARKET FREE for 24 hours… (can I stop them from coming in?)

What’s up MA DUDES!!!! How is it going today? Today we are going to be playing Supermarket Simulator but we are MAKING EVERYTHING FREE!!! Yup, we are challenging ourselves today by making our store Free for 24 hours but trying to stop people from taking all of the products. Will we lose all of our money, or can we get a bunch of customers stuck in the store haha. We are using these Supermarket Simulator glitches to have the most fun and break things as we make our own funny moments! Let’s have some fun and play the game in different ways! Join me on this amazing and exciting adventure as we discover what happens when we make our SUPERMARKET FREE!!! Enjoy.
#dakblake #supermarketsimulator #indiegames

Play Supermarket Simulator here:

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Ending: Back Again by LEMMiNO