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Join Kid-E-Cats in their new adventure – a Circus Show! Print out some posters announcing the show, choose a friend to come with you and hop on the train that will take you to the circus field.
Be careful on your way and help the kitten overcome all obstacles that might appear on the road.
Well now, are you ready for the performance? Let’s get started!

Choose the objects you will be juggling. Be attentive to sort out the unnecessary items. What would you choose to juggle – balls, skittles or may be cactuses or fish bones?

Scared? Don’t be, it’s going to be fun. Jump some objects over while riding your bicycle and whenever you see a fire ring, jump through it. Be ready to fix your bike when it gets broken. Yes, you are going to be that busy!

Try to keep balance while being a real tightrope walker! Swipe to the left or to the right to help the kitten not to fall down.

That’s the reason why we all come to the circus, right? Today you will make the magic transformations by turning some routine objects into something really wonderful!

Show everyone how strong you are! Assemble a barbell and then lift it up!

Keep the kitten jump as high as possible and move the trampoline so that the kitten doesn’t fall!

• Six engaging mini-games that can be replayed!
• Seven funny kitten friends to take with you
• 6 different reactions to use during the show

The game is appropriate for even the youngest players – the interface is easy to understand and there are always prompts and tips to make the game process interesting and engaging! So the parents can really relax for a while when their kids are busy at “”Kid-E-Cats: Circus Show””!

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