In this video we countdown 5 Fortnite/Gaming Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong. From raging kids destroying stuff because of fortnite, brothers buying vbucks without permission, and other crazy moments that should never be done, In this video, we showcase 15 of those crazy times and give our reaction, criticism, opinions, and rank them in our top 15 list. But make sure to watch till the end for a surprise!

Disclaimer: Don’t try anything in this video, we are showing you what not to do and what consequences could happen if you tried any of these things. It’s for educational viewing to show the consequences of actions and why you should NEVER Attempt the things in the video. We want to keep YouTube a safe place, so DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING in the videos.

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The commentary/editing style is unique and adds value by putting it into my own list and stating my opinions/reaction/making it funnier which transforms the work making it different and unique each video. Perplexify created and edited this video to fit with fair use and has full rights to content and copyright.
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