aargh the kids all be hiding in this house πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are going with a FAMiLY VACATiON!! We rented a BiG house with Holladay family and decided to play Hide & Seek!! Dad and Niko trapped all of us kids in JAiL and we had to escape! Luckily the pirate cops fell asleep and gave us a chance to sneak out! But while we were sneaking out Niko heard us and woke up Pirate Dad! So they started trying to find us! We all hid in SUPER GOOD hiding spots, I even hid in the game cabinet! Eventually the stinky pirates found all of us and it was time for round 2 of hide and seek! This time I was the finder, some people were really hard to find since they are good hiders! After that round was over, the Pirate Cops and us Kid Robbers became friends and decided to have a POOL PARTY! I’ve had SUCH a fun time on our family trip so far! You can watch out road trip vlog below!

my last video: What’s inside GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE!! Surprise Box for Adley and Niko! playing toys with our family 🐈

my dad’s last video: TARANTULA in the HOUSE!! Family Road Trip with our Friends! and BEST DAY EVER 1 – 500 THE MOViE 🍿

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*