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Blessing and Imran discuss a new curated marketplace for educational tools in Minecraft along with Sony slowing PlayStation download speeds.

Time Stamps –
00:04:05 – Housekeeping
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Mohammed Mohammed, Sancho West Gaming, Max Blair, Michael Bradley, James Hastings, Duval King Jabub, Julian The Gluten Free Gamer, Joseph O Youssef, Evan Ballard, Cody Banks, Tom Bock, Steven Insler, Trent Berri, NanoSupport
The Roper Report –
00:07:51 – Minecraft’s Now Offering Free Educational Tools For Kids – Steve Watts @ Gamespot
00:11:40 – Microsoft and Minecraft decided to help with education by releasing a free, curated marketplace to assist with home learning. While I think this is a stellar move, it got me thinking, what other games could get those huge brownie points right now by doing the same? – Best Friends Q: The Nano Biologist
00:19:05 – Sony throttles back game downloads in Europe – Brendain Sinclair @ GIBiz
00:28:43 – Konami Claims Recent Silent Hill Rumors Are False – CJ Melendez @ Rely On Horror
00:36:15 – Death Stranding Photo Mode Confirmed for PS4 – Joe Skrebels @ IGN
00:38:40 – It looks like your PS Plus Free Games for April have been revealed? – Nibel on Twitter
00:42:42 – Out today
00:45:02 – QUIP
00:46:18 – ExpressVPN
Reader mail –
00:48:10 – Could the next big Nintendo game not come out until Fall at best, or even not until next year? – Lee Pollero
00:53:15 – Overnight it was announced that Lego will be making Super Mario sets. Do you think there will ever be a Lego Mario GAME released for the Switch – KBABZ
00:57:48 – Squad Up: Marleynito(PS Vita) ingenito1993
00:59:41 – You‘re Wrong
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