This is to show a number of motor coordination activities you can do with kids using sport training cones/ football cones/ sport markers. These activities can be easily practiced at school, home, playground, and the gym.

Who to apply with?
All children from preschool and over.
These physical activities can be done to boost motor development, in kids gym classes, as physical education (PE) activities, in pediatric physical therapy sessions, as sensory motor activities, and with children with dyspraxia (developmental coordination disorder).

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E-book: How to be Active: from birth to three years


Parents’ provided written consents to videotape their children who are demonstrating the activities at this channel. Children’s verbal consents were obtained.

The information available at this channel is intended for general awareness purpose only, and should not be interpreted as recommendation for assessment nor intervention.

Seek the advice from a children’s physiotherapist before applying the activities mentioned at this channel if your child is diagnosed with a specific developmental disability.