Our best friend Shinobi got in a car accident! Our friend’s truck got ran off the road and the car flipped over! Earlier today another car tried to hit and run Shinobi and then an assassin tried to end Shinobi right in front of us! We ran into Spy Ninjas HQ and put the building in lockdown, but then my husband Chad Wild Clay got an alert that an assassin broke in the back door and is now inside the building with us! We have to protect Shinobi and get him to saftey while avoiding attempted murder with a plastic bag over his head, poisonous gas in our fruit chop room, and almost falling to our deaths in an elevator crash! Chad and I had no choice but to fight this new Scattered Skull Killer to get Shinobi to escape but the assassin knew our weaknesses and pressure pointed us! Once we escaped we saw on a facetime call Shinobi get hit by a car and crash! We need to find our missing friend and see if he survived the car crash. The police showed up and we told them about our situation but we still need to find Shinobi and find out if he’s alive and who this assassin is and why is he after our friend!?

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