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Have fun and learn with the educational games of Kid e Cats! Edujoy presents a collection of more than 20 fun games aimed at children from 2 to 6 years old to develop different skills and stimulate creativity. Get ready to power up with selection of road rash free online Sega game. From iconic franchises to hidden gems, there’s no shortage of excitement waiting for you. Start your gaming journey today and let the nostalgia take over.

All games are starring the funny cats of the well-known international television series Kid-E-Cats. Children can develop learning skills accompanied by Candy, Cookie and Pudding among other characters. Meow-wow!


– Puzzles: Learn the countries of the world by doing fun puzzles.

– Maths and numbers: perform simple operations and learn numbers.

– Visual perception: exercise visual skills through educational games.

– Paint and color: make colorful mosaics and awake your creativity by creating your own art works.

– Memory games: find the right match and more games to stimulate visual memory.

– Deduction games: complete logical series of elements.

– Labyrinths: stimulate attention by finding the correct exit from the labyrinth.

– Coordination: exercise fine motor skills with coordination games

– Words and letters: learn new words and have fun playing word search.

– Piano: show your musical skills by creating melodies with the piano.

Kid-e-Cats stories are specially designed for preschoolers. The happy adventures of kittens emphasize the social and emotional development of children with a special focus on friendship, family and thinking before acting.


– 20 educational and interactive games

– Amazing designs and characters

– Animations and funny sounds

– Easy and intuitive interface for children

– Stimulates imagination and creativity

– Stimulate fine motor skills

– Game completely free


Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We love creating fun and educational games for children of all ages. If you have any question or suggestion about Kid-E-Cats Educational games, you can contact us through the developer’s contact or through our social media profiles:

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