Have fun with your family as you board the pirate ship and move to the different calls, working together as a team, to make sure it doesn’t sink!

Games that teachers can play in the classroom to get every student moving!

Focus (Adults) – Muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility
Focus (Children) – Cardiovascular, flexibility
Theme – Game Play , running, bending, crawling,

All participants are scattered in the playing area. Tell the participants that they are now on-board a pirate ship, and need to follow the rules of the sea. Tell the participants that they are to run around the ship and act on the Captain’s Orders.
Orders are:
● To the ship: run to the captain’s right
● To the island: run to the captain’s left
● Scrub the deck: everyone on their knees scrubbing
● Attention on deck: salute and yell “Aye, Aye captain!”
● Everyone in a boat: the crew must form groups of three and sing “Row, row, row your boat”

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