Play Doh Mouse ! Learn How to Fold a House. Happykids DIY presents a super simple tutorial to create your own Play Doh Mouse. You will love these easy Play Doh Lollipop. Great for kids of all ages, whether you are a beginner or expert it doesn’t matter!

Welcome to the creative world of DIY.

Happykids DIY is the place where children get their hands dirty and let their imagination run wild to discover the artist within them. Come join us as we create new and fun do it yourself projects with paper, clay, play dough, building blocks, lego, and more. Each art project is child friendly and easy to follow for kids of all ages. So join us every week and get inspired to create something new.

As a parent, you can trust our video to keep your children’s imagination intrigued and help them find their inner creativity in a safe and friendly environment.

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