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Learn math and reading through fun games! Inspire lifelong learning with this Preschool, Kindergarten & Grade 1-5 fun learning experience loved by over 40 million kids. SplashLearn is the perfect balance of learning and games that your kids need to build math and reading skills.

• Library of 4000+ reading and math games, educational activities, and books
• Personalised daily growth plans to make learning effortless
• Makes learning fun: Motivating rewards & narrative-driven reading and math games & books
• Kid-friendly & safe
• New educational activities, books, and stories added regularly

Math Games for Kids
• Preschool & Kindergarten: From learning to count to identifying shapes & patterns, make it fun for kids.
• 1st & 2nd Grade: There is so much to learn – addition and subtraction strategies, place value, telling time, flipping coins, rotating the clock hands & setting time, mastering all math facts!
• 3rd Grade: This is when things start to get cool. Kids learn new concepts such as multiplication, division & fractions. They master multiplication facts through fun games that are even more effective than flash cards!
• 4th & 5th Grade: Advanced learning games & word problems that cover everything – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions & geometry.

Reading Games for Kids
A personalised experience for 3-8 year-olds (PreK – Kindergarten to Grade 2). Covering everything from phonics to sight words, books to stories, and reading comprehension, it enables kids to read their first book within weeks.
Through educational & learning games, kids learn essential skills like:
• Letter sounds, ABC & tracing
• Learning their first words & spellings
• Sight words through fun games
• Learning to read their first decodable books
• Reading a variety of bedtime stories & books, so it becomes a daily habit for your kids.
• Sight words for Kindergarten & Preschool

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