Top 10 Best Kids Games in the World 2022 | Top 10 Games for Kids & Families (PS4,XboxOne,Switch,PC)

There are as many games for kids as there are for the family in general, and many of them are fun, regardless of age. Whether it’s easy-to-play games or titles that let kids and parents play together, here are the 10 best kids games to play in 2022. In this video I will present the best games of all time. Those games for kids, best games for android and also not forgetting those best games for pc, also including games for kids from the top best game on the play store. Remembering that in this list we have the best games for android 2022, including top best game on play store best games for ios.

So here are the best games for kids 2022:

1- Rocket League
2 – Splatoon 2
3 – Super Mario Odyssey
4- Ubisoft Just Dance 2021
5- Kingdom Hearts III
6- Overcooked! All You Can Eat
7- LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
8- Minecraft
9- Forza Horizon 4
10- Rocket League

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