Preview of “Transformers: Battle Masters” by Hasbro. Rule the ring with your favorite TRANSFORMERS characters!

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The TRANSFORMERS Battle Masters game allows players the chance to battle in the ring with their favorite TRANSFORMERS characters. Choose your TRANSFORMERS bot, select your match and then get in the ring! Start playing with two characters – Bumblebee “The King of Sting” and Starscream “The Emperor of Energon” then defeat your opponent, level up and battle to win championship belts and unlock up to 6 additional characters!
Download the TRANSFORMERS Battle Masters action battling game now!

•Choose your side: Autobot or Decepticon! Up to 8 Transformers bots to choose from like Optimus Prime “The Diesel Destroyer” and Megatron ”The Calamity of Humanity”.
•Head to head TRANSFORMERS bot battling action!
•Swipe the screen to knock your opponent out with massive punches!
•Land several successful punches to energize your TRANSFORMERS bot and throw a SUPER PUNCH!

Language: English

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